Bear Build offer an Insurance backed 25 year warranty

for all External Wall Insulation Installations provided by GDGC for your peace of mind.

Key Points

-can save approx. £475* per property per year (source: Energy Savings Trust)
- can save approx.1.9 tonnes* of carbon dioxide per year (source: Energy Savings Trust)
- can be applied with minimal disruption to the household and its occupants
- improves the appearance of the property – potentially increasing the property’s value
- improves weatherproofing and sound resistance
- can make the building more airtight, reducing drafts and heat loss 

 - increases the life of the existing property by protecting the existing substrate from the weather
- reduces condensation on internal walls and can help prevent damp (but will not solve rising or penetration    damp)

* based on insulating a gas-heated, semi-detached home with three bedrooms (source: Energy Savings Trust)

Grants now available

External Wall Insulation - Grants Available

Eco Funding is NOW available for ALL properties with Solid Walls.

What is External Wall Insulation?

External wall insulation involves fixing a layer of insulation material to the wall, then covering it with a reinforcement and a special type of render. The finish is usually a textured render, pebble-dash or sometimes a brick slip or a brick effect render finish could be used. These finishes can be used alone, or in a combination so that considerable variety in the appearance of the treated wall can be achieved.