​​External Wall Insulation

SPS envirowall is a supplier of external wall insulation systems and high - quality decorative renders to accredited installers like Bear Build. Rendaclad has primarily been developed for applying a seamless rendered rainscreen system to a timber frame structure. It replaces the need to build blockwork facade, finishing with low performance cementitious renders. It increases speed of contruction, reduces the building footprint, improves the logistics of supply and storage all at a lower cost than tradition construction methods. BBA Approved. Contact us for more information on how Bear Build could benefit your building project.​

If your house was built prior to the 1930s the chances are that it will have solid walls. Insulating your wall  is a great method of making your home more energy efficient. The insulation will minimise heat loss in the winter, saving you money on your heating bills and preventing your home getting too warm in the summer, helping to keep your home at a more comfortable temperature.  The great news is that solid walls can be insulated and some of the cost of the work is covered by both ECO and the Green Deal making it a very economical proposition.

Kitchen and Bathroom Fitting

We fit your kitchens and bathrooms so you don't have to, finished to a beautiful high standard, we pride ourselves in the quality of work.  From tiling to plumbing, plastering to joinery, we have it covered.         

The H+H Thin-Joint system combines the Celcon Plus, Jumbo Blok or MultiPlate ranges of high quality, accurately dimensioned aircrete blocks with a specially developed Thin-Joint mortar (called Celfix). Thin-Joint block work enables walls to be built very quickly without having to wait the conventional 24 hours for the mortar to set before further loading can be applied. this innovative and award-winning system is now firmly established within the UK. The Thin-joint system can also be used successfully for commercial projects. Contact Bear Build for a free quote, further product information or to discuss how this system could work for you.

Bear Build are accredited and fully trained with these Products

Our Services


With over 10 years experience we provide an excellent quality service and a clean and crisp finish of plastering to any age of property.                    


Need more living space? Want an open plan feel? We can project manage your new extension. Vaulted ceilings and removing walls are all services we provide to help you create your new more spacious home.                    

SIPs, or structural insulated panels provide a labour & material-saving alternative to the traditional timber frame or masonry construction. The insulation used in these panels is continuous and is not bridged by timber studs. This type of panel has been in use for over 50 years and they offer an energy efficient building system that substantially reduces on- site labour times & cost.
SIPs can be used as structural walls, floors, roofs & internal partitions either together or independently. They can also be used in timber or steel framed buildings. Any type of conventional finish can be applied to a SuperSIPs building shell.​

EWI Pro wall insulation system is comprised of a range of external wall renders and insulation products. It offers a comprehensive range of solutions that will not only improve the appearance of existing properties but also significantly enhance their thermal performance and  help cut C02 emmisions.  The EWI Pro render systems come in white as standard, so no need to paint, however it can be ordered in a huge range of colours.  BBA Approved. Contact us for more information,  to view product samples or a free no obligation quote.​

New Builds

We can provide a full build service from foundations through to finish. We can project manage your new build to eliminate the stress of co-ordinating tradesmen. Ask us more and let us give you a quotation